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Hi! 6 months ago I stood up, felt a *#@!* and had a burning sensation on the left lower section of my back. It felt like I had pulled a muscle, it also gave me a waist shift. It was was'nt horrible pain and a few days later went to a chiropractor. She did the McDougal method on me for disc bulges and it got worse, ofcourse I wasnt being as careful as I should have been. Ended up in horrible pain, back labor type pain, went to my MD, had a MRI which showed couple disc bulges and minor degeneration. He felt that wasnt causing my pain, that it was a muscle strain and I started physical therapy. The pt said I had a weak left hip, causing the back muscle strain and she started really working my left hip. I started to get better a month later but reinjured myself by lifting rocks in my yard. THis put me in a huge state of anxiety and depression. I switched pt's and the new one said he thought the disc bulges were the reason for my pain. That made my anxiety even worse that different people told me different things. About 3 months into pt my back pain went away but switched for butt pain on my left side. I finally got in to see a psyiatrist and she thinks possibly it is my si joint. Had a cortizone shot, but no relief. Anyway,...... wondered if anyone has butt pain across the top of your butt- from lower spine across top of pelvis to back of hip. It also wraps around front of pelvis and into my IT band. I have a level 3-5 of pain, not horrible but enough to bug me constantly. Muscle relaxers help at night, drinking relaxes my muscles as does Ativan. I try not to do any of those too often, but sometimes need a break. Hav'nt taken any pain relievers. Anyone take ultram? Any advice apreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am just very confused and frustrated. My pain is muscle pain, ache and yes I wonder what part my brain is playing in this. I don't understand how anxiety or anger could result in butt pain. I'd think it would be headaches or shoulder tension. Does someone with a disc bulge just feel muscle pain? I hav'nt felt that electrical type of pain or any shooting pain down my leg. I'ts just a deep dull ache that goes away with flexerall, ativan or drinking. Does anyone else take ativan for muscle pain relief? If my problem was just the result of tight muscles, how does that happen?