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Hi! I am new here, 30 years old and was looking for some advice. Sept. 30, 2006 I videotaped a friends wedding for 1-1/2 hours and was really sore afterward. After a few days the soreness went away but within a few days I noticed chest, back and arm pain. I went to the ER Oct. 5? and had an X-Ray which came back fine so they sent me for an echocardiogram to see if I had a mitral valve prolapse. The results came back about a month later negative at which time I seen my family physician. She diagnosed me with panic attacks and gave me ativan for my chest and stretches for my back. The back pain slowly went away but the chest pain remained. At a family members dr. appt. I mentioned that the chest pain was still there and she told me to wait a few weeks and come back after Thanksgiving, she figured this whole time if it wasn’t panic attacks I had probably hurt myself picking up my daughter. I went back and she put me on a 30 day heart monitor. About the time she put me on this (Dec. 5) my back started hurting around the shoulder blade and before the 30 days was up my chest pain was rare. The results came back toward the end of January that my heart was fine. I coughed up blood and really freaked out so I went to the dr. and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and haven't coughed up blood since. I explained to her that this worried me because I lived with my parents for my first 25 years and they smoked and I had smoked some myself when I was younger. I mentioned my back had hurt for a month now and she told me she wanted to keep an eye on it, come back in 3 weeks. By this time I was discouraged with the whole thing and waited until the end of February. My mom had been doing Bonnie Pruden, Trigger Point Therapy on me when she could so I had her put dots on my back where it really hurt. The doctor looked at the dots and told me it was muskoskeletal and sent me through physical therapy. The therapist told me one of my joints wasn’t moving, that I had knots and muscle spasms. I went twice a week through March and even had days where it didn’t hurt that bad or maybe not at all for a little while. At the end she told me that my left side was fine and my right was a little knotty although my right quit hurting almost immediately and my left continued to hurt. I continue to do my exercises but lately it is really acting up. I even began to sleep on the couch because some days that seems to help it not feel as bad. I am currently 5 months pregnant with my second child and don’t know where to go from here. My therapist told me it could take months to quit hurting but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what the next step should be. I worry all the time that it could be something else. I am not even sure what could be done since I am pregnant. I was considering giving it another month and then talking to her again. Does anyone have any advice on some next steps and how do you get through to your doctor? I sometimes feel like they don’t take it seriously or blow it off.

Thanks for listening to my long post and any help.