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I can't really make the call on what doctor I get to see. I am on W/C here in California. The doctor I had for the surgery was a Orthopedic Surgeon that specialized in spinal surgery only. My attorney choose him and the insurance company finally had to agree after two court appearances. When I had my appointment last year they sent a rep. from the insurance company to the appointment. We were requesting the hardware to be removed. After that they sent me to a Neurosurgeon for a second opinion. He is in their group of doctors and the Ortho is not.(Classified me as a Failed Spinal Surgery and a Chronic Pain Sufferer.) Then they sent me to a pain management clinic up north and I was there for over 10 weeks. They tried to detox me from all my pain meds. That was unsuccessful. I take Norco 10/350 5/day, flexeril, & Ativan. They used Methadone and Subutex and Suboxone. I can't use strong Opiate drugs as I have respitory problems from them. After I returned I had a letter stating that the Neuro was my new doctor. I said no way, All he wants to do is a spinal stimulator. Tried that prior to surgery and it failed in the trial. Then I went and saw him again and he said he would take out the hardware. The insurance company said no, I had to go to the original doctor. Sent a letter to my attorney and when I saw the Ortho he wanted to address all my issues and was really interested in my case again. I guess someone had a talk with someone! Now I'm torn between the two. I thought the Neuro was a better choice for nerve issues. Now I don't know. I just want my pain gone so I can go up to my summer house and pull out my fishing pole and do a little fishin!