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I was looking for some averages on how fast you completely recover from your pain after a Lumbar Discectomy for sciatcia. On Aug 08 06, I woke suddenly to pain so severe I could not walk or put a foot to ground. Taken to the hospital by ambulance admitted given pain control and a CT and was told I had a severe rupture of the L5/S1 Disc. I had no prior leg or back pain. They of course tried conservative measures first, pain control steroids and Epidural Inj (ESI INJ). They did a MRI in Nov 06 and it was only getting worse after 3 ESI's. I lived on round the clock Lortab 7.5/500 every 4 hours plus Valium 10mg 3x daily and Vistaril for Nasuea. Medrol Pack after Medrol pack.. I had no Insurance so it took me until Jan to raise the money for the surgeon. I had the surgery on 1/12/07/ So the nerves were severely compromised from 8/06 to 1/07. I am now 4 months (17 weeks) post surgery. I am still on Lortab 4x daily and Ativan and Vistaril. I have had 4 depo-medrol shots IM and 3 or 4 medrol dosepaks..Its no where near as severe but I am stiff every morning and my right foot hurts and goes numb. The pain is on the side of my foot and sometimes my back pops but it never really hurts, never did Just aches on standing for awhile. Also having sever swelling and weight gain from the steroids (how long before that goes away) Last Medrol pack was 4/26/07).
I took PT for 8 weeks and have a TENS unit. But I still walk very slowly and cannot sit stand or walk for long periods of time. Laying down does not bother me and I still Log roll out of bed but the morning is the worse. I was told by someone the nerve heals very slowly and after a serious compression like mine it could take up to a year, but then others say I should be well by now! I do try to walk, The pop and p[ain scares me but its infrequent and passes after I lay down... But this swelling in my ankles and the weight that wont come off (25lbs) even on Lasix and I hardly eat and I do eat healthy and the fatigue in my legs is driving me crazy.. Any input on expectations and outcome would be appreciated especially on the continued pain and swelling from the Medrol. Also how bad is long term use of Lortab, Been on it since August..although much less now, I still take it as needed which is daily x 4..

Anyway Thanks to all for any advice, help or input or encouraging words...I am so afraid of enduring that type of dreadful pain..It was terrible all the way to cannot sit on a toliet and in a wheelchair and walker...

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