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Again Thanks to all of you here for your input and support. Yesterday was a grueling day. I went to ER early am after my right leg went numb all the way up (post op 4 mo discectomy I thought), they gave me 2 Iv inj of Demerol, Zofran, Ativan and Vistaril and told me they called my surgeon and he wanted to see me right away. Well off I went, I had a appt to get MRI results on Thursday, now I have another MRI for Thursday because they did not use dye, they did not feel I needed it with my allergy risk, the surgeon really don't either, but he's doing it to erase a 1% doubt he has in the inital findings.

Turns out I had a Hemilaminectomy L5-S1 (whats the difference he did not tell me or I did not hear cause I was to upset) I have extreme amounts of scar tissue surrounding the nerve which he says he cannot remove (too high risk for further nerve damage) also a tear without protrusion at L4/L5 and Buldge at L3/L/4 and severe degenerative disc disease in L1/L2/L3/L4/L5/s1/s2 on top of it, he said at this pont I will most likely be in pain and on pain control for the rest of my life. That I will never be pain free. He said surgery is so risky at this point. He is trying to get a pain doc until then my GP is doing pain control Lortab and I see him to be put on a Anti-Depressant. I sure need it now!!!

Whats the difference between a Dicectomy and a hemilaminectomy? And any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks to all here, You are a great support source! K