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I am beginning to wonder the same thing. I have a two level fusion and I have been in pain since 3 months post-op. Severe pain that is. Right after the fusion I had saddle anesthesia and this real tightness in my buttock. More on one side than the other. Then it went to low back pain and pain in both legs down to the feet and heels. Now three weeks ago I started having pain in my hips and down the side of my leg to the knee. Every time the doctor pushes on the screws in my back something else starts. I am convensed that I need the hardware out, he doesn't have to prove anything more to me. LOL. I have been told by some doctors that I just suffer from Chronic Pain and it is more or less just in my mind. That the pain was real before and it cut a pathway to a different part of my brain and it is just stuck there. Like "Stuck on Stupid" , I am Stuck on Pain. I think most of this comes from insurance company's dreams:rolleyes:. I believe my doctor that I need additional surgery. I don't think he is knife happy. I get some relief out of strong drugs that are injected, but I have to be on oxygen and in a hospital situation. I have a reaction to Oxycotin and Methodone. I get Vicodin and Ativan. Then you read these magazine articles where very few fusions are successful, where were these articles when I was deciding to do this surgery? I try to stay positive and try to relax, it is so hard sometimes when the pain is breaking through. I hope we get some relief sometime real soon. I want to look back in 6 months to a year and say boy was that pain terrible. Glad that is over. Don't you?