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:wave: Singer,

First I'm so glad you're having a better day and even more so getting out and about. :D

I am taking Ativan (sp) for anit-nausea along with a lot of others that I'm not even sure what they're for. I don't know if it's me or not but I'm having a terrible time with my eyesight and everything seems blurry. And today I have a rash on my arms and legs. I called the office but I'm still waiting for a call. I was just so unprepared for this. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be okay to go out and get some popsicles. I'm afraid of getting sick so I'm not eating much but I'm drinking ginger ale. My mom always said warm coke but it's not settling well. And today I'm so tired I've been barely able to lift my head off the pillow.

:bouncing: :bouncing: Congrats on being almost half way done. It must seem like an eternity but goodness girl you've come a long way. :D