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I would try finding my own Neuro or ortho surgeon (specializing in the spine only) and have them do a total work up. I would get a MRI/contrast if you haven't already and a Cat Scan/dye. When nerve pain is involved the opiate meds do very little. I can't really say on your meds because I can't take anything stronger than class 3 drugs. I was hospitalized twice from Methadone and Oxycotin. I was prescribed 180mg /day of oxy. I have to be satisfied with 8/day of vicodin 10/350 and 2/day of 1mg ativan. I think you need to have some resolution to your problem areas of your back and then they can think about the drug withdrawals and the detox. Has any doctor done pain mapping on you to determine where the pain is coming from? I had no reflex in either one of my ankles before surgery, now I have slight reflexes in my ankles at 22 months post-op. Don't you just love the doctors that say you have a spine of a 85 year old. I was told by one doctor that I was to old to have surgery and that I was to out of shape. I lost 40+ lbs and had a doctor do the surgery that was my age. He didn't think I was to old. :D
I think if the doctors got their nerves pinched they would be in the ER calling for Dilaudid or something to ease their pain. They even tried to cut me off the Norco and Ativan. W/C sent me to this pain management clinic for 2 1/2 months and tried to talk me out of using the meds for pain. That was after they tried Methadone and Suboxone (Subutex) to take me off Norco. Now does that make since. Hospitalized twice and ER 3 times for pain. No go. Waste of time. That's because my surgeon wanted to remove the hardware. I think they are afraid that the fusion isn't solid. My surgeon even told them that it is. That he would almost stake his life on it. ALMOST, I guess some doubt. I must be getting close to over 1/2 million $$ and they are getting uneasy. W/C told me that I might have to stay on Norco for ever. I want the surgery first. I am not staying on Tylenol for ever. LOL I would probably be turning yellow here real soon. :D