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Ha!---How can you be "Calamity Jane," when you're up in front of an exercise class? I bet you're exaggerating, you little bugger, you!

Did you develop any blisters on your hands or feet? Didn't the tingling just about drive you crazy?? I'm going to my doc's in a few---we're having major storms here, so I'm waiting it out until all is clear. I couldn't explain properly exactly what they looked like, so she wants to see & make a report to my doc. It's only about 15 minutes away---if I don't get carried away by high flooding waters.
While I have you here---did you take anything like "Ativan" to stave off nausea during chemo? I read somewhere that it's good to take before-hand. I'm starting to become more nauseous during chemo---a possible cumulative effect? I'm already dreading my next one (week from tomorrow)..But, I'm becoming positive about the end being near. Gee....that didn't sound good, did it? You know what I mean....LOL!
Always good to hear from you, Ailsondra!
Love, S.