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Thank you, sweet Linda.
Well...surprise, surprise.
I see my pattern now.
The day of chemo---Bammo....not good. This was the first time ever, they had to administer Ativan in my drip. I just can't seem to handle the lights, the smells, the whole thing.. Nausea was a big factor yesterday.
So, when I came home, no t.v. (hurts my eyes ) no internet, no reading, just talking on the phone (with my son--almost 3 hours, he's the 'love of my life,')
And lots and lots of water, until I thought I couldn't hold anymore.
I saw my Oncologist briefly yesterday, because I was a bit paranoid about a small swelling in that "dip" in the base of your throat. He was so nice, to put other patient's "on hold," and come look at me. He told me not to be alarmed.. just a little swelling from a muscle..I swear, everything that happens to me, during chemo, I freak-out. He assured me I was o.k. Whew!
So, here's the pattern. Today, I'm not bad---then all those drip bags just decide they're going to make my life miserable for the next few days---Maybe not....wouldn't that be nice?
So, Kayla, Linda...and whoever else is reading this---Yes, the end is in sight. Now, how do you go about not worrying about your scans? I've given up the antidepressant idea for now, but I'm certainly NOT giving up my beloved xanax. I'm trying to only take them to help sleep & when I can find no relief, otherwise.
I'll probably make an appt. with a therapist later, to sort out how to deal with my aging parents & other issues. I know everyone has a 'cross to bear.' Life is hard & it doesn't seem to be getting any easier with the economy, etc...
But, as far as altering my brain chemistry---I think I'm just fine, there. I need to learn how to relax in other ways.
Anyway, just thought I pop a quick post.
I have 2 more to go (chemo).
I know I'll be on here posting how to cope, just like when I was first diagnosed, awaiting the results of my scans later. I need to remain positive that I'm cancer-free!!! The Oncologist told me early on, that he suspected the cancer was already erradicated....but they have to keep blasting away to be sure. I'm still not so thrilled about radiation.
First things first, right?
Hope the weekend is lovely wherever you are.
I love the cooler weather here. Fall is in the air.....kids are going back to school....I love it!
Love, S.