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There you are, Kayla (hi, Alison).
Alison's right. These drugs are mega hard on us.
From my last post, where I was "boasting" that I was feeling great---well, forget that. You know that feeling....it's like "here it comes again."
So, it's couch-time for me, probably for the next 3 or 4 days. If I can just avoid the headaches that seem to come with it...
I'm so sorry, Kayla, the difficult time you're having. I hope you're taking your med's in a timely manner. Most times, I do better if I take 'before' it hits--of course, there's a lot of guessing involved with stomach upset, bowel problems, neuropathy & those awful, awful headaches.
Hang tight. You can and WILL beat this! Remember that mind/body connection? It's very powerful. Do everything you can do, to remain positive.
I just got a script for Ativan (calming/anti-nausea drug) because it worked so good in my drip yesterday. I think it's helping some, otherwise I wouldn't even be posting.
As bad as I feel right now, I'm thinking to myself, "Can I do this 2 MORE times????" Yes...to live....I can. So can you, Kayla. No one said this is going to be a 'walk in the park'....and just think how far you've already come.
I just so badly want you to realize you'll be fine & you need to nurture every little thing about yourself right now.
I think we're all in this together---how nice we have one another.
About your fever, though....shouldn't you alert someone that it's pretty high?
I think I'm supposed to call, if it's over 101. Like Alison said, they're there to help.
God bless. One step closer....
XO, S.
My last post was Sunday, I believe. I thought I was doing pretty good---WRONG! Come Monday morning, I knew something was wrong, but couldn't put my finger on it. I'm taking a multitude of drugs, and trying to take them properly--but, this time added Ativan to the mix, due to nausea. My husband went out (he almost never has left me--wouldn't you know?) and around 6:00 I rose from a nap---went to the freezer to get ice cream, and BAMMO---fainted! I hit my head on the stove (big noise, I remember) and somehow I managed to get back to bed and wait for my husband to come home. I had a rough night-- just couldn't seem to eat or drink. Then, come Tuesday, I went outside. The humidity was killing me --- I started feeling faint again, so I called my chemo nurse to report my fainting...she talked to my doc---and made me go to Emergency. To sum it up: I had low (terribly) blood sugar. It was "34" ...... The nurse looked at me and said, "You NEED to eat and drink." They gave me, is it "glucose?" in my drip...said I was dehydrated, and proceeded to give me tons of x-rays. Chest, head ct scan, lots of blood work (I have a bladder infection--taking Cipro) and MADE me eat an awful, awful turkey sandwich. When they sent me home, they gave me the prescription for Cipro (antibiotic) and potassium....told me to eat EVERY 2 hours. That was horrible. But, I've discovered smoothies again, and THAT I can stomach. I practically lived on them, when I was well. Why in the world didn't I remember that a protein shake resembles milkshakes---PLUS, they're good for you??? duh. I also like to add a banana for the potassium, which I guess was really low, too.
I'm feeling much better today, although I'm very nervous. I just took a .25 xanax. I think my mind is doing it's "racing" again.
I hadn't seen my Oncologist for a long time and saw him yesterday. He's actually "pleased" with me. Go figure. I wasn't expecting that.
I'm starting to realize this chemo is a bit harder for me, as I go, than I thought. I thought it would get easier. I guess everyone is different. I suppose it's my immune system really taking a beating, right?
So---now my dining room table is so full of medications and calendar-scheduling--I don't know if we'll EVER eat at that table again. No...I'm kidding. I can't wait to put all these drugs in the medicine cabinet where they belong !!

I actually feel stronger today & I've been missing talking to you guys.

This is the first post I've read, so I haven't seen Kayla, either.
[SIZE="4"]Please Kayla---post if you can.
Oh...the other reason I haven't been on here---my eyes. I couldn't watch t.v., read, etc...until yesterday. The headaches just aren't worth it, so I've been living my life (the last few days) in as much darkness as possible. I'm starting to feel like a bat in a cave !!!
Linda, I'm so sorry about your brother. I start feeling sorry for myself, and then I read posts like yours....and I know Alison is having a hard time, too---of course poor Kayla, having the hard time she's having...
I realize I don't have it so bad. I think I'm a survivor--even though it gets soooooo hard sometimes. I actually thought I'd died, when I fainted. I was lying in my bed, going, "Did I die??? Is my body laying on the kitchen floor???"
Rather bizarre thoughts, huh?
Well, no....I'm alive & well (relatively) and coming around, once again.
Can I do 2 more of these?? Yes...I have to.
The good news (Thank you, God) is that, after the next one (next Friday)---ONE more.
I need positivity more than ever.
I missed everyone here. I know I'm writing a book, but it's so therapeutic to write this down, and I NEED everyone here.
I'll go back and read the other posts, although I've noticed everyone is a bit quiet this week. Maybe it's just the summer winding down, and everyone getting "back on track."
Love you all.
Hello girls,
Posted before but lost the whole thing.

Singer, I am sorry that you had a rough time. It is scary when you are alone
and pass out. Glad that nothing was broken. If you start to feel woozy or headachy, agitated it can signal a low blood sugar. The easiest remedy is
OJ or a hard candy to bring it back up. Are you sure you are to take Ativan for nausea. It is an antidepressant. Anyway glad that you seem to be on the upswing again.

Alison, sending healthly ***** your way with the scans. I am sure they are
all find. My Dad had rectal cancer and he just had a colonoscopy after 5 yrs and it was clean. He was too scared to get one and finally we talked him into it. He was very lucky seeing that he did not have one since he was dx'ed.

Ails, Glad that you seem to be doing so good and back to normal.

Well my brother got the results from the bone marrow bx and he still has the
cancer and it did not change a thing. He is getting discouraged. Now they are saying that the one chemo agent he just got is not indicated for someone who is going to receive a stem cell transplant. I at this point am so
upset with this whole ordeal. I can not imagine why this transplant team would give him something that would hinder him having a transplant. Now they want to give him another type of chemo or he can have metronomic chemo over a long period of time. I do not think at this point he has much time left. He is resistant to several of the chemo agents and is becoming
resistant to the transfusions. His body is starting to shut down. I am so very sad for him and his family. I just pray that he has some options left.
I do not know how much more he can take.

Thank you all for your prayers to him.

I hope that Susie and Kaylar post soon.

Love to all

I feel so sad, reading about what your brother is going through.
But, things CAN change & miracles DO happen, though--I'm sure you know that, having worked in the medical community for so long.
So many people have beaten the odds, even when they're stacked against them. Never give up hope. That's my new motto. I'm trying to "practice what I preach." I was pretty hopeless a few times this past week, when I felt so miserable.

You spoke of the Ativan that I was taking (prior to my fainting) & about it being an antidepressant. They told me it's also used for nausea/anxiety in the "Oncology world." I was given it last Friday during chemo when I started feeling nauseated, so I asked for a script, which they gave me. I think I'll only take it at nighttime, when I'm safe in my bed from now on, if ever. That "fainting thing" I did, was not pleasant at all. I'm being good and eating every 2 hours or so now. The only problem is...right immediately following chemo, I have absolutely no appetite. I guess I have to view "food" as a medicine and "make" myself eat & drink, or I'll suffer the consequences. My niece (a nurse) told me it's better to force it down, even if it "comes back up," to keep myself hydrated. Easier said than done.

Anyway, it's nice to slowly start feeling better again. Only 2 more!
What a loooong summer it's been, although I've actually enjoyed many days recuperating & lounging on my patio with my beloved cats. They certainly know how to relax in this hot weather! They so remind me of little tigers in the hot desert.

Well...it's the weekend & I'm sure everyone is busy.
Have a good one!
love, S.
Hello ladies,

Singer, That is so strange to me that they are now giving Ativan for nausea, especially when one of the side effects of the drug is nausea.. Fainting is also
a side effect along with some other ones as well. If you are taking another
anxiety med or antidepressant this will only exacerbate side effects that are
likely to happen. Anyway I am not a doctor but I would certainly use another
drug to curb nausea especially when they have so many that that is what they are indicated for. Glad that you are feeling on the upswing and I hope that you continue to do so until you are free from the chemo.

Ails, I do not know if it is an ego thing or if these docs are just plain stupid.
I do not know how they can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. My poor
brother is left in the middle with his hands ties.

Well I knew you girls would be cat lovers. I could not live without a furry friend to keep me company. I never thought I could find a kitty I love more than my Pogo but Madison has melted our hearts and we love him so much already. He is so affectionate and kisses your face all the time. I just love it.

Ails your kitty sounds like quite a character. How funny stealing chicken from

Well again thanks for being here to comfort and support.

Have a nice week-end.