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I know this is so hard. I was told "force" fluids and "force" food...
Even at the expense of it "coming back up." Yuck...I know...not the best-case scenario.
I've found "smoothies" again.
Do you have a blender?
Those Carnation Breakfast mixes are good...or protein powder, plus possibly a banana, add some milk and maybe even a few ice cubes to make it super-duper cold. They're good for you--I can stomach those, when all else fails. My blood sugar level was dangerously low--I'm sure your's too---so I was told to eat/drink at least every 2 hours. You should try that, too, since I'm sure you're weak from this whole thing. Wow...you were in the hospital quite some time!!

Yes, hopefully, the end is in sight, but I'm scared s***less about my scans.
That's where the ole' positivity helps. Our cups need to be "half full," not "half empty." Especially these next few months.
May I ask what antidepressant you're taking? I tried Zoloft. Didn't work for me. Also Ativan... I think I'm a difficult one. Everything seems to make me more nervous, so I'm just sticking with my xanax's for now.
I'm so thrilled your online.... You've become a dear friend to me and I needed to hear from you.
Love, S.