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hi,i also wanted to let you know i did have mris,about 3 in the past two years.at first i had herniated disks, and was offererd a diskectomy and fusion surgery, which i didnt do, i was scared.now the mri no longer shows i have herniated disks,but degenerative osterarthritis of the lower spine,and loss of water content,and changes, and spina bifada occulta. the dr more or less said theres nothing that can be done except pain management,physical therapy,epidual injections.im just wondering if this is arthritis, maybe i should be on an arthritis med. or if its nerve damage, which ive also heard, maybe i should be on a med to help nerve pain.right now im taking percocet,it helps me get going, and takes the throbbing pain away. i also take ritalin for extreme fatigue, on count of the fibro,and ativan at night, i couldnt sleep without it.still i feel something is missing, because i just hurt all the time!