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That's so sweet of you to make me a special thread! :)
Unfortunately, you're catching me at a bad time. I called my chemo nurse this afternoon, and told her I was doing "great." Then...about 4:00, I started getting a tummy ache, proceeded by overall yucky feeling....and it's almost 10:00, I still feel yucky & and I have to be there tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. !! I'm so praying this doesn't turn into a full-fledged fever, where I may have to put my chemo on hold. Oh my goodness....
I've lost my appetite, too--- I just sent my husband for something for me to eat....everything here looks terrible, although I did manage to force down a half baked potato, and Carnation Breakfast Drink.
I think maybe I shouldn't have done so much yesterday---I'm seeing a pattern.... Feel good one day/ Feel bad the next......
Anyway, thank you so much. Chances are, I'll snap out of this in a few hours (I took an Ativan) and feel fine. I might be worrying subconsiously, about not being able to take chemo, too....you know how I worry.
God Bless you and keep you. I'll try to keep you posted.
Love, S.
p.s. yes...I always get the ole' shot from H*ll, too. I still can't believe this is the last one.....!
Hey All,
I just got back. My RBC was low, which explains the tiredness yesterday.
Soooo..They boosted my RBC count....I had an Ativan drip, and fell asleep for a large part of my chemo. It was uneventful this morning, because they were having a seminar for the doctors and nurses, so they were keeping their patients to a minimum today. I liked it that way....the quieter, the better for me.
Thank you ladies. I'm certainly not "there" yet, but I'm "over the hump."
I have my WBC shot on Monday (never fun).... and then will sweat it out, until Sept. 27, with a Pt Ct. All in all, what a journey. It's like, I kind of expected confetti to come out of the ceiling and a band to start playing, when the nurses said, "YOU'RE DONE!!!" But, it really wasn't that way--just a few hugs & "We'll see you Monday," is all I got. That's o.k......I'm on my way. I met a Hodgkin's survivor, with a new baby, too---she looked great. She's only been cancer-free for 2 years, and was obviously very happy.
Another success story.
Well, I'm not feeling "grand" right now, but it always perks me up to look on here, and see my favorite people! I love you all for standing by me through the bad chemo times,etc... I wish I could give you all a BIG BEAR HUG! --maybe some day???? :)
Time to nap....
Love, S.