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I'm so happy things are looking great for you.
You're very encouraging for me.
I have my PT CT on Thursday. Linda told me to see if they can "expedite" the results. They're pretty good at my hospital, so I'll try.
I don't know why I'm experiencing mild depression right now. You'd think I'd be ecstatic, knowing that my chemo is over....Don't get me wrong, I AM happy about that. I'm thinking it might be the chemo, itself, the accumulative effects, affecting my brain. I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday-- (the one that suggested antidepressants) for a follow-up. I have to tell her I can't take them. They made me way too anxious. I've found that Ativan helps me, more than anything. It helps with nerves, as well as nausea, which I'm still experiencing, and it's been 9 days since chemo.
So, this will be a week of doctor visits & the "Big" test. Please say a prayer for me on Thursday. :angel:
Anyway--just wanted to "pop" on and say "hi."
When I'm a little down---it always helps to post.
Thanks for listening.