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Welcome to the board, I had a double fusion in 2005. My pain is worse now than it was before. I have pain from the waist down to my toes. The numbness turns into burning and then deep pain. I was told by my surgeon that I need to have my hardware removed and also some clean up work on the nerve canals. Probably like your second surgery. Have they offered you any pain management? Does your doctor know what the problems are? MY case is still open with W/C, but they are now trying to settle and let medicare deal with the issues. I can't use anything stronger than Norco. I tried and I get where I can hardly breath. Norco is nothing. There will be more people on here in the morning that have really good answers to give. I hope they can give some good pointers. You can't give up on yourself. Have you had any aqua therapy? It might help some. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pain syndrome and Failed back surgery. I also only sleep 3 or 4 hours. That's usually when the meds take effect. I also take Ativan. I hope you can get some relief.