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Whatever you do don't do this cold turkey. I take morphine sulfate ativan and xanaflex along with other meds for other problems. Avinza is morphine and that is something you don't just quit. and I don't know why you would want to quit if these are helping you? If you are worried about having to use a mail order service , they are very reliable and in my case you get a 3 month supply at a time. If worse case scenario they didn't arrive on time you can call the company to see why the delay. Then call your doc and tell them I am sure the would provide you with a small amount to get you through. I know it sucks to take alll this but being in pain is no picnic either. Plus showing what meds you take on a daily basis can help show ss how much pain you are in and that may help their decision . Hang in there we are all here for you, Dee