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Hey guys,
I am researching a drug that my husband is on. He is two weeks post op
level one spinal fusion (L5-S1) and doing well. He is moving around the house nicely and we seem to have his pain under control. The doctor at the hospital sent him home on Ativan. Have any of you guys been on this after fusion? What is it's purpose? I know it is an anti anxiety med; however, I didn't know my husband was a candidate for this type of med... :)--He is on Skelaxin, Lyrica, Hydrocodone, and Ativan. Any insight any of you have as to why he's taking Ativan would be much appreciated.
I have been on Ativan (Lorazapam) between 8 and 9 years for my bad anxiety attacks that I generally get on a daily basis.
I have no idea why they put your husband on this medication.
Unless it is just being used to calm him down and relax him.
Being that I have been on it Long-Term , it is barely working anymore.
I basically take it before bedtime and it helps me to sleep at night.
That too might be why the doctor put him on it . To help him get a restfull sleep at night.

I need to wean off it. It is highly addictive. I take 2 to 4 mg's at night.
What is the dosage and when is he to take it?? I'm guessing it was given to help him sleep through the night.

Ativan is given for insomnia and is also used as a muscle relaxant.
I don't take ativan but do take xanax (they are related) with my other chronic pain meds. Without even realizing it, pain can cause your brain to feel a lot of anxiety. Taking an anti-anxiety med indirectly helps with pain by reducing that anxiety response.

Make sense? Sometimes if I'm painful, I can take just the xanax and no specific pain meds and feel better. I know people can become addicted to it, but I am very careful not to abuse it, and it really helps me. It also greatly helps with sleeping which is EXTREMELY important for pain relief and healing.

Not sure if that's what your hubby's doc was thinking, but that's my guess.

Hope that helps...:)
I also take ativan along with pain meds and a muscle relaxer. Aside from it being used for anxiety it also used for nausea and it also works like a muscle relaxer. I wasn't on it when I came home from the hospital and a few days later I started to have muscle spasms and was vomiting and the doctor called in ativan and man what a difference. My spasms were so bad I could barely get off the couch and after taking the ativan I could move freely. It really is a great medication!!! Especially after such a tough surgery.
I also was given Ativan several years ago for muscle relaxer. It was really a good medication for me.