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I have a two year old with Asthma and she coughs alot. She's on all kinds of medicines of course. Xopenex, Atrovent and Flovent for her breathing. Zantac and Prilosec for acid reflux (apparently this can trigger asthma causing her to cough). Zyrtec for allergies. Sudofed 3 x a day to help keep her sinus drained. We have been trying since September to get her sinus clear, with Sudofed, antibiotics, nasal washing (now that's hard on a two year old but it has helped). We go back in about 2 weeks to see if this last round of antibiotics has helped at all.

You said they were testing your daughter for cf? My 2 yr was tested for cf a few months ago, she didn't have it but she did have a polymorphism called M470V (this was found with genetic testing for cf). Basically it means she may have some of the symptoms of cf but she doesn't have cf. She has chronic sinus infections, before she got tubes in her ears it was chronic ear infections, pneumonia and all of that triggers her asthma which she has a family history of.

Are they doing a sweat test or genetic testing? They actually did both on my daughter, the sweat test was normal but they did find the polymorphism M470V when they did the genetic testing.

When you have the cf test ask your doctor about testing for any polymorphisms. It's done thru genetic testing and Ambry Genetics out of California is supposed to be the best place to have the testing done. When they test my daughter it was a simple blood test. It took about 3 weeks to get the results back but we were so relieved to find out it wasn't cf.

I'd be happy to share more information about what we have found with my daughter and I'd love to get some information about the sinus problems your dealing with. My daughters doctor is a cf doctor and it has been great to have someone with that kind of knowledge taking care of her. She's over the Cystic Fibrosis/Pulmonary department at The University of Texas Hospital.