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I've been to these boards a coupld of times, just lurking. Your post made me join.

I have 6 kids (birthed only 3) including twins. My 3 biological children all had reflux. All three slept in their infant carriers until four-five months of age. The main problem with two of them was the vomitting....they really weren't in pain, just couldn't lie flat. But one, (a twin) had pain, cried all the time. First she was put on a special formula (Nutramagin). This is like a predigested formula which breaks down easier in the stomach causing less digestion. Because its in the digestion process that the acids are forced back up.

Then she was put on Zantac to help ease the acids and another one that I can't remember that was suppose to strengthen the epiglottis to prevent back. I don't think these meds did her any good...in fact I think the Zactac actually caused her more discomfort.

This is my advice, from my experience...have the mom go over this with the Doctor.

First, never...I mean never lay the baby flat. I even had the changing table pad lifted on one end. Lying flat helps the acids come up.

Second, switch to Nutramagin or Augmentin which require more feeding of smaller amounts (which is good any way...the more you eat, the more chance of reflux). If the formula change on it's on doesn't help, add a small amount of cereal to the bottle (enlarging the hole in the nipple may be needed.) BURP OFTEN DURING FEEDING.
Hold the baby or put her in infant carrier at atleast 45 degree angle for atleast 45 minutes after feeding.

To help ease pain...try propping the baby on her belly on pile of pillows or blankets to where she's kind of kneeling with a hot water bottle under her belly.

Well, that's all I have to say. I hope some of these options bring some help. The good news is that this usually goes away by 3 months...the bad news is that is still 2 months away. It's hard on everyone dealing with this situation, but it will get better. My twins are now 7 and the one that had the severe gastric reflux is the picture of health.