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[Just an update for all interested:

My little guy started not doing too well again On Friday. He just literally screamed for hours saying his head/ears were hurting. We rushed him to the doctor and they said he had two very serious ear infections still. He had been on augmentin at this point for over a week and just discharged from the hospital for the flu. They had to hold him down at the docs office, take this long metal loop like thing and scrape and pull out all the pus and gross stuff from his ears that were in front of his ear drums!! It was sooo nasty...they gave him numbing drops and that seemed to help his pain and helped him calm down. He didnt really have a fever, just low-grade and was hydrated etc. so they said instead of going back to the hospital to get iv drugs (since the augmentin isnt working), he could get a shot of Rochephin (spelling ?) every day for four days in a row. I guess that is a very strong antibiotic....so, needless to say we have been dragging him to the doc every day since friday for a shot in the leg of this stuff. Poor guy....as soon as I pull up into the parking lot of the doctors office now, he starts flipping out knowing a shot is coming. Yesterday was our second shot and the doc says his ears still look pretty bad. He seems more comfortable though and the numbing stuff helps at home too...(they gave me some to give him) but....he has a Friday appt. for the ent and they said that if his eardrums/infection still looks this bad on Friday when I see the specialist, that the ent would most likely need to do surgery immediately. I guess tubes or maybe scrape the infection out??? I am not sure as I am so confused now. Luckily, I had already had the specialist appt. as we have been considering getting tonsils/adnoids out as the docs at hospital said he should probably get that done this year so next year the flu and other stuff doesnt hit him as hard. He has had throat issues, ear tubes when he was 9 months old, asthma problems and weight gain issues. HELP!!! I am frustrated but know it could always be worse. Hopefully he will outgrow all this and be fine later in life!! I know there are kids out there with terminal stuff that wont be fine so I do feel lucky in general. Its just so darn frustrating and exhausting...I honestly feel like I have a black cloud following us! It never stops! Yikes.........at least we made it through the holidays now!

I will keep you all posted (literally)...thanks for letting me vent. You all are like my internet family and I appreciate all of you who respond and listen to my stories!

Take care,
Beth....hope you are doing well!
Hey Girls...

THanks for your thoughts and prayers. Am nervous about the surgeries but wound up at the ent today (three days early) as when Mason went for his final shot of the Rocephin (spelling?), the docs said his ears werrent any better and the one eardrum was bulging pretty bad. Scared the crap out of me and said I needed to get to the ent "TODAY". So....an hour drive later (with my 10 yr old who is home from school for Christmas break in tow) and Daddy leaving work to meet us there....we found out....a big fat nothing! Nothing can be done I guess as far as surgeries if the infection is too bad. They dont want complications. He needs, tonsils, adnoids and tubes replaced so they want to make sure he is well first. After hospital iv Rocephin, augmentin, shots for four days of Rocephin...he is now back on amoxicillian as of tomorrow. The ent thinks maybe switching things up will shake things loose on this one. Yeah....right!! Amoxicllian is a low dose antibiotic so I sure hope he knows what he is doing. I am just so darn sick and tired of this poor little guy being sick and tired!!! Surgeries are tentantively scheduled for near end of January and as far as I am concerned although I am nervous....the sooner the better. I am just not sure what they will do if the amox. doesnt work either??? Can they just keep putting him on all this stuff that doesnt work and NOT doing surgery?? Numbing drops only go so far ya know!!!

WIll keep you all informed as I become informed...I am a walking robot Mom now...and am hoping for relief for us all soon. This is my only free time and I should be sleeping but am wired to the hilt.

Hope everyone else's family is doing well,
Beth :)