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Last week ds, who is 19 months old started acting a little whinier than usual, developed a low grade fever. Took him in and he has an ear infection and they gave him augmentin. He's had ear infections before, and the antibiotic usually clears it up in a few days; however, this time I noticed he also has a lump behind the ear that is infected. MIL, who is a nurse said it's probably an inflamed lymph gland, but it kinda bothers me (and him). Has anyone else had this happen to them.
It's been a week since DS saw the doc 'cuz of a fever and ear pain. He was put on augmentin for 10 days. He no longer has a fever, but he still keeps digging his ears. This morning he said owie, but not sure if his ear actually hurts or if there's still pressure from the infection. Plus he's a toddler -- EVERYTHING is owie these days, especially if he's told no. He's also developed a big of a cough -- not sure if it's stuff draining from his eustacian tubes or something new. Got an appointment with the doc this afternoon. He seems fine except for a sporadic cough when he gets upset and the ear digging.
Still has the lump behind the ear. No fever. In the past the augmentin took care of the fever, infection immediately and I could tell things were draining 'cuz he seemed to be swallowing more. So wonder if things are just plugged up, bogged down. Guess we’ll find out later this afternoon. Got into see his regular doctor instead of walk-in clinic. Hoping it's something easily treatable if it is something else. Also I hope we don't get the "it's just a virus" song and dance.
Doc said the ears are clear. Looked down his throat and there's a lot of mucus draining -- probably from his sinuses. Lungs sounded clear, so cough is probably from the drainage. Did prescribe another dose of augmentin -- a stronger one to start when we're done with this batch. Figures it was probably the sinus infection we were trying to fight on our own. Next time we're going to the doctor instead of messing around with it. Bump is a swollen lymph node.