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Sounds like a typical ornery toddler to me. I have a cousin whose child ate only toast for months on end. My sis survived on mac & cheese when she was little.

I give DS frozen go-gurt, too. He's been on augmentin most of this month and it seemed to help with the loose diapers. Also I gave him acidopholus milk, which is lower in fat content, so I mixed in some cream.

At home, DS lives on mac & cheese, spagettios, sometimes bean soup, brocolli cheese soup (microwave cups). He refuses to eat chicken nuggets for us. Apparently at his daycare he eats practically everything. We tried beef stew the other night and he acted like he was being butchered. Sometimes he likes certain foods, next day -- he refuses to even try it.

To increase calories on the weekends, I give him carnation instant breakfast with his lunch.