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Well out of the blue when I dropped Adam off at daycare I rubbed his head and a knot the size of a gumball was on the back of it (behind the ear)...you could clearly see it and it was very hard and not movable!!! not tender at all and never bothered him..I was at the doc the next day. He gave Adam some meds for allergies after taking the meds for a week I noticed another one above that one node we were treating...the next day I was at the ENT doc who thought it was from some sort of infection...well the kicker is he was never SICK during this time!!! Adam had several nodes I think a total of 8 on both sides of his neck!!! So he put Adam on augmentin for 2 weeks and at the follow up nothing had improved and had even gotten larger. The doc thought it was nothing to worry about that it was prolly Cat Scratch Disease or Skin TB. The next day he went for CBC bloodwork to test for both of these. When the bloodwork came back negative he immediately scheduled a biopsy for the removal of the node to test for Lymphoma. On Adam's bloodwork everything was ok besides his neutrophils which were low. Just yesterday I found 2 nodes in his groin as well. He has had no other symptoms other than the swollen nodes w/o pain. Adam goes for the biopsy this friday and I have been a nervous wreck. I am wondering if anyone has experienced something like this or can give me any kind of advise on what to expect...I am a mother who wants to be prepared for what may come. I have a gut feeling that this is Lymphoma. Thank you in advance for all your help.