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Hi, I have a five year old daugther that has had to many problems and not enough answers and I don't know what to do. When she was a baby she had reflux so they put her on the reflux meds put her on a reflux wedge and she started doing better, this was after a hospitalization and everything. Then when she was 18 months old she went into a coma and her blood sugar was only seven. After all the tests in the world they didn't come up with anything, she to this day has problems with her blood sugar. They said maybe insulinomas but they wern't sure so if they went in they might not find anything. She then was put in the hospital for ear infections because no matter what antibiotic she was given they would never go away. They knocked it out with some IV antibiotics and put tubes in her ears. She continued to have problems with her ears so they put new tubes in, and did a T&A. That didn't help, she started with chronic sinus infections. She was put in the hospital again with a stomach problem. She spends a good 9 months out the year on antibiotics, they try a month at a time now. Recently she started doing worse again. Vomiting, a wet cough that has not improved at all in 4 months, off and on fevers. Her poor lungs are so full of fluid, she has had multiple chest x-rays done and still is not better, she was on amoxicillian 10 day, Bactrum 2 weeks, Augmentin 3 weeks and then Augmentin 4 weeks. Her sputum cultures grew four different things. She has been put on reflux meds and on a steroid nasal spray to help the inflamation in her head so the snot can come out of her nose. She weighs 30lbs and will be 6 next month and just looks awful. She has had three sweat tests done all inconclusive, she will be haveing her fourth soon. She had a PDA repair on her heart done last year. No one can find what is causeing the problems. She had a full metabolic panel done twice and still nothing. Her liver is a little enlarged but once again no one knows the cause. She is breaking my heart because she asks me why she is sick and says I should know because I am her mom and mom's should know these things. I am out of ideas and don't know what to do. She has seen multiple pedatricians at multiple children's hospitals and nothing, she has seen cardiologists, pulmonologists, ENT's, GI, and Endocrinologists...does anyone have a clue???