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My 2 year old daughter has asthma that we think is only triggered by respiratory infections. She has had two serious attacks and we have been to a specialist. He prescribed Pulmicort to use twice a day at the first sign of a cold. He told us this is an experimental way of prescribing it since it is usually prescribed as a daily use controller med. (My daughter goes months without any symptoms.) We visited the pediatrician a few days ago to discuss a cold that my daughter can't seem to kick. The serious symptoms are gone but she continues to have a dry, sometimes wet throat cough a couple times a day. The Ped was amazed that a specialist would prescribe Pulmicort the way we have been using it and thinks it would be better to be giving her Albuterol during a cold to stave off an attack. I am so confused! We were feeling confident that she has been through two bad colds this winter with no asthma attack, and now it has been three months since her last attack. I thought albuterol should be reserved for emergencies like rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Should I be concerned about this lingering cough? She has been on Augmentin now for five days to eliminate the possibility of a sinus infection.