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Hello, I'm Smokey and I'm new to this board. Usually I'm only on computer software/hardware and gaming sites. But I thought maybe I could get some answers here.

My wife, Snowflake, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this summer. She is overweight, has high blood pressure, TMJ, severe migranes and 'female' problems. She is also bipolar and has bpd (borderline personality disorder).

She is on Avandamet 4mg/500mg twice daily, Benicar for high blood pressure, and naproxen for pain. She is not on any meds for her BP or BPD anymore, having found a way (ME) to control any 'episodes'.

My main questions relate to blood sugar levels.

1. When Snowflake had a colonoscopy, she had to fast for 24 hours with only clear liquids before the test. Before the 24 hours, she could not have any fiber or protein or dairy. We monitored her BS levels every two hours as directed. She was jumping all over the place. She awoke with levels of 150, two hours later she had plumeted to 102, then two hours later 154. With only clear diet soda, water, and hot tea with no sweetner, what made her levels jump so badly?

2. She now takes the Avandamet in the morning and in the evening, before she was only taking it in the mornings. Before, her levels never went below 100, now she drops below 70 almost every day. She gets shakey and sometimes doesn't make any sense. The other day she went down to 42. Any suggestions or reasons why this happening?

3. Snowflake recently joined an organized women-only exercise program. It's a 30 minute workout consisting of weight training and aerobics. Can this attribute to her dropping levels?

I'll be happy to answer questions about her diet, etc... I know she's pretty strict on what she eats, she follows a regime she read about online, i think the American Diabetes Association. Half her plate is full of veggies all the time, one quarter meat, and one quarter other stuff, like rice or potatoes.

Thanks in advance...

Smokey :D