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Hi wb,
Glyburide and Glucotrol are sulfonyureas, which cause the pancreas to produce more insulin. While they're not the first drug of choice for T2, as they will cause the pancreas to wear out faster, they can sometimes be helpful when the other drugs are no longer enough, but you want to delay going on insulin.

Both Avandia and Metformin are insulin sensitizers. They work by causing the body's tissues to become less resistant to insulin, as does Avandamet, which is a combination of Avandia and Metformin. These drugs will allow the body to better utilize the existing insulin production without wearing out the pancreas.

However, it should be noted that Type 2 is a progressive illness and many people will go on to need additional medications or insulin. Obviously, it's good to delay that as long as possible, but this will vary from person to person.