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Let me be the first to congratulate you, bbybyrd. I'm curious, though...what are you taking now?

It wouldn't be surprising if feeling so lousy didn't actually cause your blood sugar to go up, instead of down.

I read somewhere that Avandia causes less gastric upset than Metformin. Unfortunately, Avandamet is a combination drug...Avandia AND Metformin. A friend's mom who absolutely couldn't tolerate Metformin is doing fine on Avandia now.

Anyway, regardless of how you did it...congratulations on a great A1c!

If you still have gastric upset with the Metformin, ask your doctor if you can try Avandia (NOT Avandamet). Also, another way to sometimes prevent the gastric upset is to start on a lower dose (like once a day instead of twice a day) for a week or so, then add another dose.