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The couple of tests (fingersticks) that he is doing per day is only a one-second snapshot of his blood sugars. Apparently his sugars are going higher in between the tests.

For post-prandial testing (after meals), there is conflicting advice as to when to test...either 2 or three hours after the meal. Whichever, the timing should be from the BEGINNING of the meal, not the end of the meal.

For the next few weeks, perhaps he should test 4 times a day, AM then at least two post-prandials, and bedtime. Yes, I know it's a pain in the neck, or more accurately the fingers ;) but it's the only way to figure out how his body is responding to various foods. He should keep a detailed log, including what he ate. Armed with this information, his doctor will be better able to tailor medication to his needs.

Also, when you said he averages 140, what are his morning numbers alone? If those are averaging near 140, then he is starting the day off high, and it's more difficult for the body to get regulated from a high no matter how much medication you take. He may need more meds at night.

As for what other medications, they could add another insulin-sensitizing drug such as Avandia, or switch him to Avandamet (which is a combination of Avandia and Metformin), or they could add some sulfonyureas, which will prod the pancreas to produce more insulin. You want to hold off on the sulfonyureas as long as possible as they will hasten the progression towards needing artificial insulin, but if he needs them, he needs them...far better to do that than to let his blood sugars run this high.