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I was diagnosed with Type II on Tuesday of this week (1/23/07). After fasting my blood glucose level was 240. Diabetes does not run in my family. I have it because...well...how else do I say it...I'm fat. 372 pounds on a
5'10" body. Now to my questions...

My doctor prescribed 10 mg of Lisinopril to protect my eyes and kidneys. I was already on 100 mg of Toprol XL for blood pressure and that will continue. I was also prescribed 500 mg of Avandamet for my blood sugar. I asked my doctor what I should do about my weight. Any special diet? He told me that Weight Watchers was fine and suggested I steer clear of sugar, white potatoes, white rice and refined white flour. Other than that he recommended I lose weight and excercise. Well I am on Weight Watchers and have plenty of support to keep me on it. I am walking for excercise right now. I have been on the meds for three days now and my excessive thirst has stopped and my vision is no longer blurry. He did not suggest I test my glucose level. He basically said to take my meds, lose weight and excercise. Is this good advice? He also told me that since there is no family history of diabetes on either side of my family that I stand a good chance of going off my meds or reducing them drastically if I get to my goal weight.

Since I am newly diagnosed and have absolutely no idea what to do I would be appreciative of some answers to my questions and any pointers.