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Okay, so my next test is on the 9th. And the prep is on the 8th. My question is related to the foods you eat on prep day. Last two times, I chose not to eat much at all. I just drank lots of grape flavored water. I had maybe two containers of lime jello and just ignored my hunger. This time is a little bit different. I am on Avandamet for diabetes that was recently diagnosed before Christmas and if contains Metformin which kills my appetite. But, I have to eat to keep my blood sugars stable and too keep me from developing anything like lactic acidosis. I hate eating things I do not like or want so jello in general makes my stomach turn and broths make me want to just vomit. What do you guys think is the best sources of food on prep day? I need something besides water and two things of green jello, but I cannot think of anything that I could make myself eat which would not make me more sick on top of the prep. Any ideas are appreciated.