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To anyone who may be able to help:

I am desperatly seeking expertise with staph infection (most likely). Franky, I have stumped doctor's, but I don't believe that I am getting complete & proper testing done. Please let me explain, and please bare with me as this will be a little long.

3 years ago I aquired impetigo/folliculitis from swimming in a college pool. 2 days after going swimming I started developing nasty pimples (white spots), burning, swollen node under chin, confusion, ect.. Went to doctor and was given Dicloxacillian & Bactroban (mupirocin). Infection cleared up perfectly, and I got better. Went swimming again and got infection again.. got anibiotics, it cleared up.. all better.. Started reinfecting self from electric razor with staph bacteria (unknowingly).. was told to wash razor with alcohol everytime.. and I stopped getting sick..
OK: I didn't swim for 1 year for fear of getting sick. Decided to go swimming in January '01, and "suprise" got sick 2 days later (same pool each time I must note). However, this time dicloxacillian/bactroban didn't completly get rid of it. Took levofloxacin which seemed to make me clear up on my face, but I noticed a swollen lymph node under my chin that would "swell" when I got sick, and get smaller when I was mostly better..but it NEVER really went totally away..(this is significant)

I was sent to Infectious Disease, they took nose swab, came back "Staphylococcus Epidermidis" (normal bacteria), but resistant to LOTS of antibiotics. Dr. told me it would go away on own, but it never did..and I had very odd symptoms associated with it. when my face got bad I would get (swollen node under chin, fever 99.5, mental confusion/stupor, anxiety, ozzy pimple's not like normal one's, ect). Again, lymph node under chin would swell to gum ball size when sick, and half-a-pea size when feeling better. I get real confusion in my head. BUT, I wouldn't get better/"not sick" when I wasn't taking antibiotics.. Since, the doctors didn't think I was sick, they stopped giving them to me. Therefore, I had to find my own (do own research). I based antibiotic to use on the culture I had before. All oral antibiotics, but the ones that help/work (but not cure) are: TMP/sulfa, flouroquinolones (levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin), & linzolid. All others don't help (tetracyclines, amoxicillian, clarithromycin, azithromycin, cefalexin, dicloxacillian, rifampicin, metronidazole).

I've been taking TMP/sulfa for 1 year, but I want to get rid of this infection. I take the sulfa because it doesn't have really bad side effects, cheap, easy to get. But I never seem to completly get rid if this infection. If I shave (with a clean sterile razor) I get really sick again, so I am forced to use an electric razor all the time, which I sterilize). The main diagnostic tool I use is the lymph node directly under my chin, if it starts getting bigger again, I am getting sick and will start feeling like crap. I've told the doctors all this, so they did blood culture, CBC, menigitis screen, ect.. but they all come back ok.. I even recently let myself get really sick, and went in and had a nose & face staph culture, but they said no MRSA, but I am waiting for a different staph culture.

It is my opinion that I probably need to be put on Vancomycin or other strong antibiotics, but I am having a hard time showing the severity of this illness. If a culture isn't coming back positive, (possibly because there may have been antibiotics in my system) they seem not to believe me. I am a scientist (chemist), and have done many "experiments" to see what helps me, on myself. I am looking at things very rationally. All I want is to get rid of this damn thing! I am ready to ask people I know, to culture this and research it themselves. I am not a microbiologist. I don't think the doctors are doing the necessary testing/research that may be necessary.

I know it's not viral based on antibiotics working, but why can't the doctors see anything in certain tests? If anyone has had a similar experience or knows what could be causing this PLEASE respond and tell me. Basically without taking antibiotics I start getting really sick (mental confusion, quick breathing, fever, sickly feeling, swollen nodes, pimples/staph bumps)..I seem to have symptoms of either "Septecimia, bacticemia, or toxic shock" but without a 102 fever rather, only 99.5??

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!