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Hi I am new to your board and hoped someone could answer a few questions.
My wife and I got a cat last May. In about October I had a breathing problem when trying to sleep. My wife went to the store and got me Primatene mist which got me through the night. I soon there after went to the doctor. He said never do primatene mist again (which I havent) and get rid of the cat. He also gave me prescriptions for Albuteral and Azmacort.
Well we havent got rid of the cat, I am on my third thing of Azmacort and fourth deal of albuteral. I find myself doing small hits off the albuteral about 3-4 times a day, I go on and off Azmacort as I feel I need it.
Does anyone think that I am doing any damge to myself by doing 3-4 small hits of albuteral a day?
Also I think the Azmacort affects my atitude, I feel some anguish when I am on it (I usually go on for a 2 week period or so) and I get cranky. Does anyone else experience this with Axmacort or albuteral?
Also a more general question: Is having a cat worth living with asthma? I mean am I doing damage to myself down the road by living with this now? I am 39 years old I quit smoking on Jan. 10 of this year. Havent had a puff since.
Thank you to any who respond, I have been struggling with myself over what to do here. R
I've been told by at least 4 different doctors that Azmacort is to be used typically 4 times a day, 2 or 3 puffs each time, as a regular routine.

You should also try Singulair. This has made a huge difference in my condition.

Rather odd that the Azmacort is affecting your personality, perhaps you are irritable because you are having your asthma or allergies. I definitely get irritable when I'm exposed to triggers. This is not an unusual reaction to a trigger.

Cat allergies can be serious. You should definitely see an allergist about your concerns with that.

Also, Albuterol is very strong. If you feel the need to use it as an emergency inhaler 3 to 4 times a day, I would suggest seeing a Pulmonary Specialist. You may have something very serious going on here that requires specialized care. Do not neglect getting the care you need to protect your lungs. We are talking about vital organs here.

Take Care now.
I agree with most everyone else albuterol is a "rescue inhaler" which means its to be used to "rescue" you when you are having an attack. If you'r having an attacke 3 to 4x aday you are being way under treated.Your azmacort is to be used daily wether you feel good or not if you use it daily you may not need the albuterol 3 to 4x aday. I have a dog i shouldn't have and if I got rid of it I probably wouldn't need as many meds instead i started singular which helps a lot with asthma caused by allergies.I understand the cat is part of the family but for your own health starighten out your asthma ask about singular, take the azmacort each and every day and then if you still need to take albuterol 3 to 4x a day you need to consider other options.