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I can't answer your question but I am curious about Intal. the inhaler you use, is it like a Ventolin Inhaler? I am thinking about asking my doctor about it; Right now the only thing I am using are 6-7 puffs of Albuterol a day; I was controlled with less Albuterol and Azmacort but the Azmacort stopped working and in fact made me worse.
My youngest son used Intal inhaler and nebulizer for years..you can expect similiar side effects as with Ventolin (albuterol)...it can cause heart palpitations, twitching....all side effects should actually come with your inhaler---nowadays, pharmacists must include this type info...there are also many other inhalation treatments you may benefit from....azmacort and such...and the albuterol should only be used for attacks--don't use the intal for an attack...it's action isn't the same......