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I’m a 31 year old woman with two children who has been in fairly good condition in the past. Due to some health problems I have had a hard time doing aerobic exercises mostly. I had overcome some of those, so I started doing light treadmill (2-5 minutes) and discovered I would start yawning, getting light headed, feeling disoriented and muscle tone become a lot less (I’d drop things and generally feel not in control). So, I asked my doctor. Exercise induced asthma. I was given an albuterol inhaler. Then, I was sick and went in with O2 at 83%. Since it was the second time they put me on prednisone that month, they prescribed azmacort. This seemed to help with my exercise for awhile, too. Then, I had an episode and they changed it to advair. When it wasn’t helping much with the exercise, they switched to singulair. This seemed to help some, but I was having some other problems so they sent me to an allergist. The allergist found I wasn’t allergic to *anything*. He ordered a pulmonary function test, but he really didn’t think I had asthma. He also told me to go off all medications prior to the PFT and methocoline challenge. So, that is kind of the background.

My results are as follows:

FEFmax: 9.65 which is 144% of the predicted
MVV: 175 which is 149% of the predicted
My lung volume was similarly high… all the numbers were well over 100%

DSb(adj) 23.77 which was 74% of what was predicted
Dco(adj) 27.82 which was 86% of what was predicted
VA(sb) 5.22 which was 79% of what was predicted
D/VA(adj) 5.33 which was 88% of what was predicted

My O2 when I was in was 92% and went as high as 95% while I was there, but it has been as high as 99%

The doctor looked at it and said normal. However, when I exercise, I become dizzy, breathe hard, but feel short of O2. I have never had a problem of wheezing… in fact, generally when my O2 is low, I can’t really tell except for feeling tired and ‘fuzzy’.

Some doctors say ‘you obviously have asthma’ others say ‘you obviously don’t have asthma’. I’m very confused and am starting to get really worried about this. I can’t exercise without literally going to my knees and feeling horrible.

Why would my lung capacity be so good if I don’t do aerobic exercise regularly? Could it be to compensate for lower diffusion values? I’m probably going to try and get sent for a second opinion, but none of the doctors seem to think there is much of a problem.

Any help, thoughts, ideas would be really appreciated as I’m having trouble finding much information. Sorry this was so long. :)