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I don't know if this will be of any benefit to you, I have had a horrible bout w/sinus since 4/4/06. 3 antibiotics. Last week I went to the ER because I was unable to breath on my lungs, felt heavy, started coughing which sounded loosy. I then had to clear my throat a lot. Everything checked out at the ER after blood, x-ray. I'm thinking it was either an allergy thing or asthma. Well, when I returned home, my nose (both sides) were completely clogged, could not breathe anything. Have read where sinusitis will either bring on or worsen asthma symptoms. Then this same thing happened yesterday. Was outside, beautiful day, around 4:00 just out of the blue started coughing same thing. I went home immediately & took a puff of Azmacort which was given me for bronchitis awhile back. I think that helped somewhat, but.....then my nose became completely blocked. My son called just then & said..you sound horrible. He has allgergies, & he stated it sounds like me when I'm around a cat. He takes Wal-fed 4X daily. This is what makes me think allergies can be a part of it. I cannot take decongestants due to a heart problem. Have you tried taking anything like this? I've taken a whole bottle of Mucinex & it did not loosen up my sinuses. I think you need to take Mucinex D (decongestant) to have it help sinuses. Also try Afrin nose spray. Other than that just know someone out here probably has similar symptoms as you and I am one of them. Feel good. J