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  1. baclofen-help
    ... does anyone know about baclofen and long term cold turkey effects. here is my story ... . Hello all,I was put on oral baclofen last year for a muscle spasm in my face. i had an ... ear pain caused everything to clench so was put on baclofen to relieve the spasm in my face. i was prescribed ... my regular neurologist he just told me to come off baclofen cold turkey as it was only 5mg and that i would be ... violently retching three days later after only using baclofen for two weeks and eventually after two weeks they ... weeks was just too late)...When i was put back on the baclofen at 5mg someone opened the doors of hell and pushed ... central nervous system malfunction caused by oral baclofen and the assumption that I should improve over time ... experienced the same as me. At the moment Im 5 months off baclofen and still unable to work. My normal muscle tone has ... between 6 and 18 months to recover. Is it the same as baclofen . Im still going through so many problems including ... just dealing with symptoms and all because i took baclofen for just 2 weeks and came off just 5mg. Someone must ... for a short amount of time. Im 5 months off taking baclofen . please help....
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  2. Just home from Hospital THR
    ... night it was so bad. I take morphine, flexeril and baclofen . Nothing helped. Like you it would wake me up. I still...
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