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I'm older and have been in Emergency 2 times in December. Went in because I was very weak, had chills, and ached all over. First trip to the EM they said I had a Virus and was very dehydrated. Dr, there gave me a Sulfa drug(Bactrim) at 10 pm, by he time I got home at midnite, my R/hand started to have welts. was told to take another Bactrim in am, and get a prescript for Bactrim, In all I took 3 Bactrim, now I have welts on feet, ankles, hands and knees. To make a long story short, the results were that I had been on Avelox and Prednisone, prior for a sinus infection most of the summer, which caused my body to say , hey wait minute your body can't tolerate all the much anti-biotics. Its been a month and most of every thing is gone.