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  1. Allergy shots for a 6 year old
    ... degree. I was completely beside myself. They gave him bactrim , I think, for 2 weeks, high dose too. Said if this ... and open up his airways surgically. Thankfully the bactrim worked. I went back to the allergist and asked why...

  2. need help
    ... looked fine but she had an ear infection and prescribed bactrim . Tuesday the hospital called and said the x-ray did ... so we took her to her doc later that day. He said bactrim is great for ear infections but does nothing for pneumonia...
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  3. 11 year old with UTI again
    ... between her antibiotic therapy. She was first on Bactrim , then Amox. then cephalexin and now Amox. again. ...
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  4. HELP! Children won't take meds
    ... My four year old daugther took Bactrim (sp?) every night for a couple of years. No problem...
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  5. 4-yr old w/erythema multiforme--HELP!
    ... was very dehydrated. Dr, there gave me a Sulfa drug( Bactrim ) at 10 pm, by he time I got home at midnite, my R ... hand started to have welts. was told to take another Bactrim in am, and get a prescript for Bactrim, In all I took ... 3 Bactrim , now I have welts on feet, ankles, hands and knees...
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