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alright, jake had a dr. appt yesterday to get his preschool physical and i had the doctor look at his penis (( for like, the 20th time )) and he found that the base of it was really swollen. the doc gave us some bactroban and zinc oxide to put on it and also some anti biotics just in case. he said he didnt know what it was but that it was "weird" my husband was looking at it the other night and he just kept saying that something wasnt right. im so irritated tho because i was looking at my sons medical records and found at least 4 different occasions where i told the doctor about jake complaining about his penis hurting and once we even took him to the ER for it and nothing was ever done..it was like they just blew it off. whatever it is, i hope the medicines help it. just thought id give you all an update