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I read an article where they said Bounce dryer sheets(I imagine any brand will work)will repel bugs. Your supposed to tie one to your belt loop or put it under your hat. It sounds weird but at least it seems safer than bug sprays. Someone told me they wipe it on their arms and legs too. They said it worked for them.....I'm willing to try because my boys are 5 and 7 and I still don't like those bug sprays.

I wouldn't use a regular mosquito spray on kids, but there is a product called Off! For Kids or something like that. It's in a plastic bottle and usually has a pink sprayer thing on the top.

I highly recommend Benadryl cream for mosquito bites. It's wonderful!
My daughter (which is 9 now) has had the same reaction....the entire family can go outside and no-one would get a bite... but she'll have 5-10 bites on her....(I tell her she just has sweet blood)but her dr. says she is allergic because they swell to a little smaller than dime size sometimes and itch her terriably,then the middle of them turn to actual holes in her skin....we found that if she takes an allergy pill such as zyrtec,claratine or the store brand(also in liquid)it helps 90% of the time....we also put benadryl cream on each bite and neosporin for the scarring.....taking a bath in Aveeno(oatmeal)also helps alot......try this especially before bedtime because alot of the scratching is done in their sleep w/out them realizing it.......Good Luck to You!!!I know how you feel............Oh we also spray her with Off...I know the stories of Deet but I also know the stories of West Nile......