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im kinda new to this rest legs i havent slept in 4 weeks. my dr. said to try benadryl first. well i thought it was working then all the sudden it is back.my legs ache, and i cant keep them still. i have tried vicoden. tylenol pm i really dont know what to do anymore. any quick fix at leaste till i can get back to the dr.? i really feel like i cant take anymore. i can hardly make it through my days, but im afraid to take a nap because im afraid it will keep me up even more at night. thanks cindy
I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Literally and know your anguish. Does Benadryl make you worse? It does me and it's on the "bad" list for RLS. It almost sound as if you may have another condition that is irritating your RLS. For me, here are two conditions that when I suffered from them, I literally thought I was going crazy:

1. Iron deficient anemia, but more important, you need to have the ferritin level checked (iron storage). When it falls below 10, RLS symptoms increase. A minimum of 50 is best for RLS.

2. Hypothyroidism - If your thyroid leve drops (and causes your TSH to increase), your RLS symptoms will send you out of your mind. The 2 times where I spent night after night walking the floor, I had my thyroid checked and BINGO - my thyroid level had dropped.

MEDS: Mirapex works the best for me (an anti Parkinson drug but the same area of the brain that causes Parkinson, is the same that triggers RLS). Ask for some. I can take up 3 a day. Right now I take one at 9 pm and another at 10 or 11 and I sleep all night.

Good luck with your search for what controls your RLS.

Hi Rob,

I am surprised that your doctor would diagnose you with RLS and then pescribe Benadryl. My specialist told me Benadryl is a no-no. I had tried it on my own, in both over the counter "Benadryl" and Tylenol PM which has 25-50mg of benadryl, which is the sleep agent. They both made me climb the walls for the entire night. Benadryl literally makes me feel like my legs are going to get up and walk away without me. :bouncing:

I was tried on Neurontin and Pergolide, and several other meds and none worked for me. (Except for Neurontin, which only worked for a few months at the highest dose.) She exhausted all non narcotic medications before she put me on Percocet 10mg and Flexeril 10mg. It took me a few weeks to get used to it, without feeling like I was going to drop on the floor and sleep for a month, but the relief was immediate. (I have severe RLS 24 hours a day at the ripe old age of 38, along with Lupus, and RA). Although I hate being on an opiate, and knowing I will have to stay on it unless something new comes out that works, I have been symptom free for months now. I would suggest you see a doctor that specializes in RLS. They will run the appropriate tests to make sure it is not iron def., or endocrine caused, and will try you on all the meds until they find a regimine that works. I delt with general practice and family practice docs for years until the specialist was suggested, who finally diagnosed me with all the above. :rolleyes:

Good luck, and I hope you can find something that works for you. This disease is pure agony, and no one can truly understand and sympathize with what you are feeling until they have suffered through it.