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Hello All,
Every summer my son gets these huge mosquito bites on his face. I think he may be allergic to them or something because they get VERY big to the point where people sometimes ask "what is that?" As of now he has 4 bites on his face that are red but what's bothering me is his eye. He woke up with it being VERY swollen (like someone hit him in it) and red. I'm thinking that it may just be another bite and since the eye area is sensitive this is why it looks so bad.

Anyone have any advice as to what I should put on it? I put a warm compress on it and then some benadryl but an hour later it looked worst. Should I put a cold compress on it? It doesn't seem to pain him at all as he was playing and being active all day with no complaints.

Hi Marie,
Thanks for the reply. I tend to jump into "panic mode" very quickly especially when it comes to my children. I took him to the hospital that same night/early morning and they gave me Benadryl stating that it was just a reaction to the bite and that everything should be fine within a few days.

As of today his eye is about 98% better. :)
Bites by the eye always seem to swell bad, even in adults. cold compress is better than hot, the hot will make it swell more, and since it is close to the eyes i wouldnt use any topical ointment on it, it could get into the eyes very ez, special with a little one that age. Benadryl is your best bet