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Thanks everyone!

No, she doesn't use deoderant. No smells yet probably because she is so tiny.

But good news! The rash has gone away! It took a couple of weeks. I swear, she gets these mysterious rashes all the time that come and go...they all seem different too. I am tired of going to the doctor for them and leaving with them telling me to put Bacitracin on it or take Benadryl. Anyway, the day that the underarm rash started to go away she started getting a rash around her mouth! Completely unrelated, this one is red and patchy and itchy. Her cheek was swollen and we took her in and they said it was an allergic reaction. Never had allergy problems before, and we can't figure out what caused it!

She's the only one of my kids that always gets poison ivy too! Poor thing.