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well my DD seemed to do this at 2 months as well (all the things you named) but she didnt get her first tooth (bottom right by the way) till she was 9 months! it seemed like she had been teething forever....now she is 12months 2 weeks old and has 4 on top and 4 on bottom!!!she got all those in 3 months! it has been an adventure!

some babies get their first tooth at 4 months and i have heard of some children as old as 2 with no teeth! :eek: then also i have heard stories of babies being born with a tooth or 2 already !!!

it is surley possible but just hang in there, ask the dr. what he/she thinks at your baby's next visit, and give him some tylenol as needed....maybe just a half dose though (just enough to take the pain away) although you wont want to medicate day after day after day, that can be dangerous....try a cold wash cloth over your clean finger and let him chew/suck on it ...

teething rings are made with a chemical to soften the plastic which can leach into the babies mouth so i dont trust them...i actually threw all my daughters away as soon as i read that.

ohh and baby orejel (i heard from a pediatritian) can cause heart ploblems in the baby and that using Cloriseptic is better (the throat spray for a sore throat/ mouth) just spray it on your finger and rub it on the baby's gums. (but ask your baby's dr. as other dr.s may not agree with the advice of other dr.s but i have done it and it seems to work better than orejel.

and i have heard of mommies using childrens Benadryl rubbing it on the gums

goodluck :wave: