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About the time I yanked mine out was because the one of the teachers couldn't send her son to school because "he had been up thowing up all night with a fever" so she brought him to preschool with her. Uh - duh?!!! The director made her send him home - the dad showed up to get him as I was coming to visit for lunch and he was so mad that he had to take off work. Well - better than infecting all the kids whose parents would then have to take off work later in the week. I just don't understand people who would rather infect the world than to take a day off work for themselves or a sick kid. Yet - those of us with kids that pick up every bug have to take off work when ours comes down with the same thing (cause our kid ends up with worse problems). Just NOT FAIR!!!!

This has become my biggest pet peeve in the world!!
What parents don't think about is these kids may have elderly sick people in their homes, new born babies etc..
Last year the day of my daughters music program I heard a Mom in the hall talking about how her kid had 103 fever so she gave her motrin because" she really wanted to go to school" HELLO so does my kid.. We have all kinds of stuff going around where I live , Lice, Whooping cough, the flu is starting. We were lucky to all get the flu shot but that still doesn't protect against other flu strains.
I swear I am starting to develope germ OCD :D I carry hand gel every where. I have a heart condition which is not good if I get sick. I can't take any Sudafed, Benadryl, Dextromathropan NOTHING so I need to be extra cautious, another aspect of sending your kids to school sick parents don't take the time to thing about :eek: