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WOW Zuzu,
That last sentence from the ABSTRACT is a doozy:
[quote]When both SBP and DBP were considered jointly, the former was directly and the latter was inversely related to CHD risk in the oldest age group

It really DOES say that the higher the diastolic the better in the elderly.

Anyways, the gist is that the older we get the more a high pulse pressure indicates a cardiac risk. But INDICATES is the operative word. What is INDICATED is arterial damage and all the BP lowering in the world isn't likely to make it better; the high Systolic and pulse pressures are EFFECTS rather than CAUSES.

An analogy: an itchy rash is indicative of second stage syphilis, but the benadryl or cortisone that makes the rash stop itching won't prolong life or alter the course of the disease.

p.s, Now HOW in blue blazes to they hope to manage a treatment for the elderly that LOWERS systolic but raises diastolic. I guess in the real world, they DON'T! Replace the vascular system I guess. :jester:

I enjoyed reading the article, ZUZU.