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My 7 yr old daughter gets what sounds like the same thing and has for years. It's on both cheeks and in the corners of her nose - where it meets the cheek. I asked her doctor about it last month and he said that it could be from a number of things... allergies, contact dermatitis (which he said has MANY culprits), etc. He told me to use benadryl cream or hydrocortisone cream on it and both work really well for her. Now since your child is quite a bit younger, I'd definately ask the doctor before you put any creams on it.

Her rash doesn't itch or anything, it's just there. It starts out as tiny flesh colored "pimples" that covers her cheeks. Later in the day, it turns a little red, almost like she's flushed. It'll go away on it's own, but if I use the cream, it's usually gone by the next day.