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i'm having this same problem with my 2 yr old-i even applied a benadryl cream to them but to no avail-they are finally starting to fade after a week-i found a mosquito repellant at walmart that doesn't contain deet-i hope it works-it is made from off and is called botanicals-i get nervous using this on her but you just don't know what to do
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My 3 y/o daughter is a little allergic to mosquito bites and she gets these welts all over her. Unfortuately, it is almost impossible to avoid being in the mosquitos where we live! I like to give a little oral benadryl to keep her from scratching. I also like to put some Benadryl ointment on and put a bandaid. If not, she will scratch and dig at it until it causes scabs.

For prevention, I like the Avon Skin-So-Soft sunscreen/insect repellent. It repels mosquitos, fleas and ticks.It says on the back that it is ok for children over 6m (younger need to check with dr). I really like it because it works well, includes sunscreen and it comes in different scents. I think they even have one now that is blue when you apply it so you can see where you missed. Hope something helps!
Sounds like me when I was a kid but mine would swell up to the size of a half dollar. I am not sure what my mother did back then but I know you can use benadryl cream on them or try a paste or baking soda and water. To help prevent them you can try some dilute tea tree oil sprayed on lightly.
When I was a child I had to take Rx Benadryl (obviously this was before it was OTC) for the exact same thing, only my bites would swell to between a 2-4 in diameter. I once got bit at the corner of my eye and my eye swelled completely shut.

It is an allergic reaction, and topical creams will not reduce the swelling, only the itching. To reduce the swelling you need to give her an antihistimine. There really isnt anything else you can do for the bites, and unless she gets a huge amount of them in a short time, they are not dangerous, just uncomfortable.

As for preventing them, try to keep her indoors at and after dusk. If you plan on being near water (lakes, rivers, ponds, etc) or in the mountains, make sure to use a child-friendly insect repellant. You have to put it not only on exposed skin, but all over, because mosquitos can bite thru most cloth.

I hope that helps!

I forgot to add, if she ever gets stung by a bee, be prepared for large localized swelling. For some reason the two go hand in hand. As a child, stepping on a bee would cause swelling of my whole foot and ankle, and once even as far up as my knee! But aside from the pain and itching, I never had any serious reaction.

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